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Season 1 of Wow TBC PvP will start within 1-3 weeks from the TBC release, make sure your gear is up to date - for more details please contact our discord support as at the start we WON'T be offering WoW TBC Arena boost on all the realms. A potential transfer might be needed in order to make the service, if not, the waiting time for your order might be longer.


If you will choose this piloted service our professional players will boost you to any rating you desire! In addition to rating increase, you will get lots of Honor and Conquest points within our WoW The Burning Crusade arena 3v3 Boosting service!

RUSHBOOST provides WoW TBC PvP Carry services as well for Horde as for Alliance on EU and US realms. Select the rating you always wanted and get the World of Warcraft 3v3 arena rating PvP boost! Trust our experienced, multi rank1 players and get all the rewards from PvP Now!

If you are interested in self-play check PvP Coaching page.


Level 70 Character
Specific Gear & Spec might be required!


We use premium VPN to make sure, that your account is at the highest level of security - a lot of the time login verification for the booster isn't needed!
However, piloted services can lead to suspension, there is a very small chance for that to happen though.


What is the difference between self-play and pilot?


No performance required.
One of our boosters will play on your account.

No performance required.
You will play by yourself on your account.

What does ETA mean?

ETA = Estimated time of the service
It's a time within which we will deliver your order.

What happens after purchasing?

Once you have completed the payment, we will add you on Discord (don't forget to include it on the checkout - if you don't, you will be notified on your email) as soon as possible in order to proceed with the service. After getting in touch with you, we will start working on completing your service within a given ETA. You can freely play on your account whenever booster isn't using it.

Are my account details safe with you?

Yes! Your account information will, of course, be handled discreetly.
Only you and the player assigned to the service will have access to account information. No other person has access to your order. From our side, you get maximum security in dealing with your account.

Do you use bots or scripts?

No! Every single service is done through legit gameplay!
We track all services in real-time and ensure that no third-party software or scripts are being used.

Who is playing on my account?

We are in constant contact with the currently most successful WoW players in the world. Each member of our roster honors somethings special, for example, the formerly highest player in the world, tournament competitor or winner etc. Our admission criteria are extremely high, so you get the best players for the job.

What if I don't have Discord / Skype or don't want to talk?

All of the communication will be kept in a chat form (text messages). There is no voice communication requirement. Discord and Skype are very easy to install and register in. It's faster to negotiate details in real-time through Discord / Skype rather than using an email. 

Can I choose the boosting time?

Yes, we will definitely do our best to accommodate any request but keep in mind that our boosters have set up times for their activities too. For more information, contact our Discord support.

Can I login to my account while you are boosting it?

You shouldn't. If you keep logging on the account while the booster is on it, it will compromise the security of it and it might get banned due to it, we will can not be held responsible if this will take place.

What happens if somebody contacts you in the game while boosting my account?

Our boosters will never answer if they are contacted in the game and they will never reveal that they are boosting your account.

Do you allow refunds?

Yes, we do guarantee a refund in case we can't complete the service due to the fault of ours. 

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