In a review with PCGAMER, WoW Game Director Ion Hazzikostas shared with us, that Phase 2 should arrive around the end of the 2019 year, there is no exact date given yet. What does Phase 2 means to the player?

Well, first of all, its new content - World Bosses, Dire Maul raid, PvP Honor System, The Keyring and more.

We will look now throughout all of it and give you insight on what to expect from World of Warcraft Classic Phase 2 update!


Lord Kazzak - located in Blasted Lands,

- located in Azshara.

Lord Kazzak & Azuregos are iconic world boss encounters in WoW Classic, many players experienced Epic PvP Battles "for" the boss kill attempts, great loot they offered and totally different experience compared to boss located in raid instances.

Lord Kazzak is another source of The Eye Of Shadow for the class priest, one of the requirements for their end-game staff called Benediction.
Azuregos is a target of Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina which rewards Hunters with epic Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina, it increases ranged attack speed by insane 15% amount.

Dire Maul:

5 Man Dungeon which is based on 3 separate wings, you can compare it to Scarlet Monastery or Naxxramas (Just that in Naxxramas you don't have to enter another instance to visit different wing). Dire Maul splits on: East, West, North. You will ofcourse find new, high-level items in there.

  • Warrior & Paladin - questline to obtain the great tanking sword, Quel'Serrar.
  • Warlocks & Paladins - acquiring your epic mount will require you to finish the questline in Dire Maul.
  • Mages - unlock your level 7 Conjured Water for a higher mana regeneration ratio.
  • Every class has a special rare drop book which gets you Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas.
  • New quests for Arcanum of Focus.

    PvP Honor System

    Remembered and hated by many, the famous PvP system of WoW Classic is back! The time-consuming system will reward only the most relentless players for their efforts.
    In WoW Classic Phase 2 PvP will start being tracked, you will be able to accumulate Honorable kills even before it, but they won't count towards rewards when Phase 2 will start.


    When you will be fighting with other players across Azeroth - in both outdoor PvP and Battlegrounds you will earn Honorable kills aka. HK.
    HK is awarded when you kill a player of the enemy faction, but he has to be at least within 10 levels range.
    Points you gain for each kill might be different as they depend on how high your current rank is and what is rank of your enemy.
    You will be able to see your Honor Kills in PvP for your entire character existence, for the last week and your CP for last week with the Honor tab in your character panel.
    Finishing objectives on battlegrounds grant extra CP's.
    Every week there is "soft reset" which calculates your average rating and then it determines how does it stand compared to other players on your realm.
    There are 14 PvP Ranks for each faction, each with its unique rewards, titles, etc.


    Rank Rating Points Title (Alliance) Title (Horde) Rewards
    1 At least 25 HKs Private Scout
    2 2000 Rating Corporal Grunt
    3 5000 Rating Sergeant Sergeant
    4 10000 Rating Master Sergeant Senior Sergeant
    5 15000 Rating Sergeant Major First Sergeant
    6 20000 Rating Knight Stone Guard
    7 25000 Rating Knight-Lieutenant Blood Guard
    8 30000 Rating Knight-Captain Legionnaire
    9 35000 Rating Knight-Champion Centurion
    10 40000 Rating Lieutenant Commander Champion
    11 45000 Rating
    (1.4% of players)
    Commander Lieutenant General
    12 50000 Rating Marshal General
    13 55000 Rating Field Marshal Warlord
    14 60000 Rating (0.1% of
    players, usually only 1/week)
    Grand Marshal High Warlord



    Dishonorable kill as the name says is the opposite of honorable kill, it happens
    when you kill a Civilian NPC in PvP Combat, they are usually a low level
    Vendors, Quest givers, etc. They can slow your progress if you won't be careful
    by a lot! Be aware of it, dishonorable kill affects your Honor rating instantly,
    you will lose standings on your server and enough dishonorable kills might even make you lose entire rank which sometimes means weeks if not months of grind.
    System was added to punish griefing players, but it might in a specific situation
    still, affect normal players, sometimes waste your days of progression.


     You will be able to get additional bag slot for up to 12 keys, you won't have to waste your standard bag space to carry them anymore, now they will be all in the once place. Items like The Scarlet Key will be now stored in that specific bag.


    Layering in the World of Warcraft: Classic is somewhat alternative to sharding technology. It will let your specific realm, in fact, create several instances within instead of balancing players itself which could be exploited.

    Server Layering was often "abused' by other players to get an extra chance for killing mobs, joining less populated layers to gain benefits, etc., Ion in the interview told us, that system allowed much larger server populations which otherwise could not have coexisted together in one game space had their special layering which could let players go through starting zones bit easier, as time goes by and players quit the game or simply play less layering won't be needed anymore, most servers will be back to 1 standard layer and it will be scaled back over time. In the result higher populated servers will be more stable and overpopulated ones will go back to being "highly" populated. That change is live already to some extent, In Phase 2 we should expect a complete layer into 1 zone.



    World of Warcraft Classic is scheduled for a total of 6 Phases, which will roughly cover the entire content cycle in the original version of the game from 2004, there is still a lot to come, so stay tuned for all the pieces of information and details about it!

     That's all we have for you in this Phase 2 of WoW Classic preview. If you don't have enough time to farm something or you simply need assistance with anything in the game feel free to poke us on Discord or LiveChat and make use of the 7% discount code which we prepared for our guide readers - RUSHGUIDE7

     As always - thank you for reading and see ya in the Azeroth!