WoW Burning Crusade Classic - Overview Guide

Hey folks, today we are very excited to give you a brief walk through the changes between WoW Classic and The Burning Crusade Classic, the second old-new expansion added by Blizzard. We will be able to yet again experience the Outland zone, fight Illidan, Kael'Thas, Lady Vashj, Kil'Jeaden, play highly competitive arenas, explore new battlegrounds, and much more! Considered by many players as the best expansion ever, difficult, grindy, skillful with tons of activities and corks and features - great for coming-back players and those, who never experienced it in the past! That Short Overviewguide of Burning Crusade Classic by rushboost will try to give you slight insight on what's coming up!

What's new compared to Classic?


Now we will be able to fly with up to 280% speed! Something so refreshing and unique compared to Classic, soar the skies with your mounts, increase the speed of daily activities and enjoy the game to the fullest with the addition of a new mount option. The game can be experienced completely different, and to many of the players from past, it was the main goal, that 5000 gold changes everything :)


While we had the opportunity to duel and fight within battlegrounds Blizzard introduced a new system of PvP in WoW TBC called Arenas, based on 3 brackets (2vs2, 3vs3, 5vs5), highly competitive, where skill is put to the test and your mechanics pushed to the limits. Win or Die in the arena and collect great items for it! For the best out of the best, there are Gladiator titles and mounts - exclusive for each season, known from the retail version of our game.

Changes to the Honor System & Marks of Honor

  • All the honor gained in Classic will be wiped and reset.
  • Players can show up their highest ever gained rank from the character panel
  • Rewards obtained from PVP will no longer be unique
  • Honor points earned each day can be spent as currency
  • Marks of Honor earned from battlegrounds can't be turned for reputation anymore.
  • They can now be used to purchase different rewards.


25 Man Raids instead of 40 Man:

One of the most controversial changes in WoW TBC was the raid squish from 40 to 25 Man. That created many challenges
and issues for raiding guilds, which in many cases simply disbanded. In the end, it was most likely a good change
as years afterward that way of playing felt good for the game.

Debuff limit has been increased from 15 to 40 Debuffs total:

With that change, many other off-specs which were considered as "weak" in the past could find their niche and get
raid spots just for sake of buffs for the team, they could bring valuable debuffs and buffs for the raid group which
could easily turn the tides of fight encounters.

Addition of 2 new races - Blood Elves & Draenei

Blood Elf & Dranei races are a vital part of the World of Warcraft storyline and now, with The Burning Crusade, you can enjoy Paladin and Shaman class in Faction, which restricted it
in Classic. Horde will be able to play paladin as Blood elves and Alliance will be able to play as a shaman with Draenei. That will dramatically change the raiding experience and roster so it is yet
another big change in the upcoming The Burning Crusade Classic expansion.


New Profession - Jewelcrafting

Will Jewelcrafting players will be able to make gems, which can be socketed into the gear to further enhance the power and attribute buffs of your armor pieces. At top of
that many professions in TBC have been updated and lifted, often makes it even more important in the end-game.

Phases - distribution of the content

Blizzard will most likely implement phasing as they did with WoW Classic, which means, that there will be certain big updates happening from time to time with the addition of
a new PVP season, new raid tiers, etc. Most likely phasing in The Burning Crusade will look like this:

Phase 1: Karazhan, Gruul’s Lair, and Magtheridon’s Lair Raids will open
Phase 2: Serpentshrine Cavern, Tempest Keep, and Arena Season 1
Phase 3: Hyjal, Black Temple, Arena Season 2
Phase 4: Zul’Aman and Arena Season 3
Phase 5: The Sunwell and Arena Season 4

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Seeya in Outland folks!

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