We will provide you with information about World of Warcraft Patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara in Battle for Azeroth (BFA). Main features of Patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara include the new zones Nazjatar and Mechagon, flying Pathfinder Part Two achievement, Gnome and Tauren heritage armor sets and new raid - Azshara's Eternal Palace!


World of Warcraft Patch 8.2 released on June 25th for US servers and on June 26th for EU realms


You can read through Blizzard's detailed patch notes in HERE

Or feel free to watch a video recap of it below.


JULY 9 US and JULY 10 EU - NORMAL and HEROIC difficulties

JULY 16 US and JULY 17 EU - MYTHIC and FIRST RAID FINDER WING (Abyssal Commander Sivara, Blackwater Behemoth, Radiance of Azshara)

JULY 30 US and JULY 31 EU - SECOND RAID FINDER WING (Lady Ashvane, Orgozoa, The Queen's Court)

AUGUST 13 US and AUGUST 14 EU - THIRD RAID FINDER WING (Za'qul, Queen Azshara)



The Capital of the Naga is added to map after assault in Dazar'Alor while Horde and Alliance forces are recovering from the battle, healing their wounds. Both factions lost most of their naval fleet, it's an excellent time for naga to strike, starting their coastal aggression. Sylvanas receives word that "something" is out in the sea and sends her troops to investigate, Jaina follows by sending her own heroes. In the great blue we find a crack which leads to an ancient land - Nazjatar, Azshara has set a trap for us! You as a player will have to avoid her forces until powering up and along the way, each faction will meet a group of NPCs aligned against the Naga.

- The Alliance will stand on the side of ANKOAN, group of water warriors

- The Horde will join and stand by former Naga slaves composed of Makura, Gilbin and Sea Giant called the UNSHACKLED

You will assist these factions by developing new bases from which Naga forces will be attacked! A new feature similar to Draenor and Legion bodyguard system is implemented; You will be able to choose one of the three allies (one per day) which will assist you in activities within Nazjatar. By doing quests and daily quests as well as killing rare spawns they will gain experience which will lead to increasing their level and unlocking of new abilities along with cosmetic rewards.


There are underwater elements such as corals, thermal chimneys, waterfalls and algae forests, however, technically your character will not be underwater in this particular zone.


Deep within Nazjatar, we will find the residence of Queen Azshara, Azshara's Eternal Palace

Raid will have a total of 8 bosses 

  1. Abyssal Commander Sivara
  2. Rage of Azshara
  3. Underwater Monstrosity
  4. Lady Precillia Ashvane (now transformed into a horrible water monster!)
  5. Orgozoa
  6. The Queen's Court
  7. Za'qul, Herald of N'Zoth
  8. Queen Azshara

  • Raid will launch alongside Operation: Mechagon 
  • Armor, as well as weapons, will be themed after the Naga
  • Item Level Drops are: 400 LFR, 415 NORMAL, 430 HEROIC, 445 MYTHIC
  • There is a fully underwater boss encounter confirmed within the raid, which obviously gives a huge advantage to druids due to their Aquatic form, however, swim speed bonuses such as the fishing artifact will be disabled yet everyone will have infinite underwater breathing. 
  • There are multiple items within Azshara's Eternal Palace with intriguing item procs, such as Azshara's Garments which get enhanced for every member of your party who is wearing those.


Queen Azshara is the leader of the Naga, supervising their actions from the sunken capital of Nazjatar. In the past, she was a ruler or night elves, loved by Kaldorei and Highborne. As one of the most beautiful and powerful beings which ever existed in Azeroth, her Alliance with Sargeras and the Burning Legion began her downfall. Kaldorei empire was destroyed and Azeroth itself was sundered during War of the Ancients. Azshara's downfall moment can be experienced during the Nazjatar questline.

She was not fully defeated after the Sundering, Azshara made a pact with the Old God N'zoth and saved the Highborne in the process by transforming them to a new race, Naga. Acting as one of the rulers of the oceans, Azshara will play a major role within BFA storyline, most likely with an unexpected plot twist.

It is worth to mention that Queen Azshara has a sense of humour as she carries a glass of wine around Nazjatar while insulting you. If you will rudely emote her (/rude) inside the raid, she will one-shot you



Do you like to explore? Mechagon is one of the new zones within Rise of Azshara 8.2 Patch which is densely packed with secrets which still has to be uncovered!

Kul Tiran excavators finally succeeded to open previously closed vault build in the southern mountains of Tirgrade Sound. They found a radio transmitter within it which sends a signal and points towards a new land, Mechagon. You as a player have the possibility to explore this undiscovered land, find the signal source and support island residents if necessary. Upon arrival, you noticed island full of dead robots, heaps of mechanical junk and pools of oil and grease. It turned out that the signal is being transmitted by a gnomish society called the Mechagnomes.


This Megadungeon will consist of 8 bosses of which first three can be defeated in any order, ending with the devious King Mechagon

  1. King Gobbamak
  2. Gunker
  3. Trixie & Naeno
  4. HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit
  5. The Robodrome - Tussle Tonks
  6. The under Junk - K.U.-J.O.
  7. Machinist's Garden
  8. King Mechagon



Similar to Legion's hidden boss Nightbane in Return of Karazhan and triggered rather than toggled hardmode encounters in Ulduar, Operation: Mechagon has a secret hard version of the 4th boss, HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit which can be triggered by defeating the preceding three bosses in a specific order.


Players will be able to create their own two-part set bonuses due to two types of rings, Logic Loops and Bit Bands. When used together, they will act like WoW's first customizable item set, allowing you to create a custom effect.

Login Loops will determine when a trigger will activate a Bit Band
Bit Bands trigger once the Logic Lop condition is met.

While there are certain combinations that are "default" in the minds of players, there will be plenty of other good non-obvious combinations as currently triggers can technically give the effect on a Bit Band on every spell you can due to lack or ICD (Internal Cooldown)  or RPPM (Real Procs Per Minute) attached to them.


After completing first few Mechagon zone quests you will get socketable trinket -
Pocket-Sized Computation Device which has three colored sockets that can be filled with Punch Card items. Those add passive statistics, proc effects or esoteric effects, some will be crafted while others will be dropped. 

You can check a full list of known Red, Yellow and Blue Punchcards in HERE


Season 3 of Arena and Mythic+ will launch alongside the new raid. As in Season 2, item level rewards from content such as Mythic+, Dungeons, PvP, World Quests and Emissaries will be increased. What's important to mention is that Residuum will not reset for Season 3, however, prices will raise considerably. Azerite gained through non-repeatable sources including Raid, Cache, Emissaries etc will be giving substantially more Azerite than repeatable sources like Island Expeditions or Mythic+. 

Beguiling will replace Reaping as the level 10 Mythic+ affix. Its effects are currently unknown.


Season 3 Vicious mount - Vicious War Basilisk


    New Epic Battleground - Ashran


      New Arena - Mechagon Arena

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        War Mode can be enabled in Mechagon - small zone will encourage massive world PvP


          • Essences will be collected from a wide variety of content including PvP, Raids and World Quests
          • Each Essence has a major active ability and minor passive effect and can be socketed into the Heart of Azeroth at level 55, 60 and 65 for a total of 1 Major and 3 Minor powers active at once
          • Every single Essence has four ranks, second and third rank is enhancing the Essence effects, while the fourth enhances the visual. Lower level ones are easy to acquire, their tooltips will tell you where to get higher ranks, however, some may have an RNG element, such as awarding from Paragon reputation caches.
          • Essences can be freely swapped at any rest area, same as good old talents. Some are role-specific, but many can be used by any class and specialization.
          • New Azerite armor traits will drop in Rise of Azshara alongside the Essence system



          Finally! You will be able to fly in BFA due to Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part Two achievement completion which should not take more than two to three weeks to finish.

          After reaching revered reputation with two new factions

          - Rustbolt Resistance (Mechagon)
          - Ankoan (Nazjatar - Alliance) or Unshackled (Nazjatar - Horde)

          flying will be unlocked in Kul Tiras, Mechagon and Nazjatar, in addition to it: achievement will grant you mechanical flying mount Wonderwing 2.0 which is similar to mechanical pet Feathers.


          From Patch 8.2 Players will be allowed to customize their mounts with special effects such as water walking. The whole system starts working from level 20 after a single character has hit level 100. They will be obtainable through crafting or purchased from reputation vendors. As a player, you can replace them whenever you like however, you will lose one you had previously equipped in the process.

          There are few exceptions as mounts which already have unique equipment effects like Sky Golem will not benefit from mentioned equipment slots.

          Most commonly used Water Strider will lose the benefit of water walking to not benefit from equipment more than other mounts, his owners will get some free and discounted equipment as compensation.

          We can distinguish four crafted Mount Equipment items

          1. Light-Step Hoofplates from Enchanting - increasing ground mount speed by 20%.
          2. Comfortable Rider's Barding from Leatherworking - preventing you from being dazed while mounted.
          3. Saddlechute from Tailoring - adding emergency parachute which will deploy when dismounted high in the air.
          4. Inflatable Mount Shoes from Blacksmithing - allows you to walk across the water while mounted, taking damage will cancel the effect.


          First Heroic Warfront in Patch 8.2 - Arathi Battle for Stromgrade. There will be much more difficult than regular Warfronts, but they will offer better rewards. The system will be flexible as a group of 10-20 players will be able to join these more strategic battles, you can actually lose them, they are not like the old ones so keep that in mind.


          Players will be able to explore two new Island Expeditions

          Crestfall - site of a great battle from Warcraft II. Derek Proudmoore was killed at seas when attempting to warn his father of the dangers of the dragon riders.

          Snowblossom - Pandaren Island, featuring the return of the Vermin from Valley of the Four Winds.

          General changes include NPC's spawn time in Island Expedition Normal mode which will give players additional time to explore the zone. New rewards are being introduced - Adventurous Hopling and Plundered Black Tooth Face-Splitter


          Patch 8.2 offers a short questlines for Gnomes and Taurens at level 120 which will unlock their Heritage Armor sets


          You can get dropped, crafted and achievement based mounts from Mechagon including Keys to the Model W and Mechanocat Laser Pointer

          There are 30+ WoW Mounts available in Patch 8.2, you can see the full list of those in HERE


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