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Apex Legends Ranked Mode is the most competitive and hardest challenge in the game, you battle with an enemy similar to your skill, and the last team to stand still wins it all. We understand, that Apex Legends Ranked mode can be very exhausting, time confusing, and stressful, that's why we offer a ranked boost to anyone who wishes to push his LP to higher tiers.

The constant change of seasons and split which is resetting ranks does not help with maintaining your potential, and current level, therefore this service is perfect for those, who wish to stay up to date with their Apex Legends Rank!  We hire only trusted on the market, with years of experience, Apex Predator boosters who can compete at the highest tempo games, in any region, on any platform, with any legend.

Every single one of us knows the feeling of hopping into the ranked game with high hopes for a great game just to be disappointed shortly after realizing how poorly our teammates perform, and the fact that we're left on our own, don't stress! We will help you with that struggle and push you toward personal goals.

Get your season-end rewards right now! Trust our 
Apex Predator players who can provide any service of your choice. The professional boosting team makes high-rated services, participates in pro tournaments, and plays on the highest levels every single day so you can expect quick delivery when it comes to our Apex Legends Ranked boost service.

Get your Season End Apex Ranked Rewards such as Weapon Cosmetics, Dive Trails, and Badges in Apex Legends now! Trust RUSHBOOST and get your Apex Ranked boosting service now, the best way of obtaining the exclusive rewards you always wanted! 

Our Apex Legends Ranked Boosting service is available on every platform (PSN/XBOX/PC).


You compete against teams of similar skill
Making objectives kills, and top standings gives you Ladder Points (LP). You have to get them each match to climb

For the opening season, everyone will start at Bronze - It's the perfect time to purchase a boost and be at a higher ranks level from the start!
Premade teams play at the highest member rank.

Your highest tier determines your season rewards at the end of it. Getting your diving trails, badges, skins, and season-end rewards make you stand out among other ordinary players, we can provide reliable service for great pricing! Trust us as thousands already did, get your Apex Rank boost up to any amount you wish and we'll take care of everything else!

If you wish to buy service all the way up to Predator, please contact discord/live chat support or simply check our Apex Legends Predator page!

Buy Apex Rank Boost cheap and enjoy the fastest ranked boosting service in Apex on PSN, XBOX, and PC!

The new season of Apex Legends, titled "Arsenal," brings a significant update to the game's ranked system. In the article "Arsenal Ranked 2023 Update," Electronic Arts (EA) announced the changes that players can expect in the ranked mode.

The biggest change in the new ranked system is the introduction of a new tier called Master Tier. This new tier sits above the current Apex Predator tier, which is the highest tier in the current ranked system. The Master Tier is reserved for the top 500 players on each platform (PC, Xbox, and PlayStation). These players will receive a special badge to display their status, and their rankings will be based on their position within the top 500 players.

In addition to the new Master Tier, the ranked system will now have a maximum rank of 50, up from the previous maximum rank of 20. This change will allow players to progress further in the ranked mode and earn more rewards along the way. Players will also receive new rewards for reaching specific milestones in the ranked mode, including new badges and gun charms.

Another significant change in the ranked system is the introduction of "Series," which will last for about six months each. Each Series will have its own unique rewards, such as unique gun skins and dive trails, and will offer a fresh start for players who want to climb the ranks again.

The article also mentions some changes to the way that players earn and lose ranked points. In the new system, players will be able to earn additional points for getting a certain number of kills or for reaching the top ten or top five. This change is meant to reward players for playing aggressively and performing well in their matches. Additionally, players will no longer lose LP (ladder points) for losing a match if their team did not have a full squad.

Overall, the new ranked system in Apex Legends offers more opportunities for players to showcase their skills and earn rewards for their performance. The addition of the Master Tier and the higher maximum rank will offer a new challenge for top players, while the new rewards and series will provide more variety and incentives for players to continue playing the ranked mode. The changes to the LP system should also encourage more aggressive playstyles and reduce frustration for players who lose matches due to incomplete squads.


Select your current rank
Select the rank and division you want to be boosted to.
We averaged pricing of all the ranks to provide a very intuitive interface to our customers, simply select the rank you're currently at and desired rank - we'll do the rest. If you wish to obtain a specific deal that isn't exactly listed please contact our live chat or discord support and we'll arrange anything you desire for Apex Legends Ranked boost service.


Apex Legends rank boosting service will get you any rank of your choice, for PSN/XBOX/PC in EU & US - we hire the best players in the game!
Our Apex Legends Ranked boosting service focuses on providing fast and reliable services. Simply pick your current rank and the rank u wish to get and we will do the rest - as simple as that. With help of our professional predator players, any Apex Legends Rank with our boost is possible, on top of that our best pricing on the market makes it the best deal! We are on the boosting market of Apex Legends since season 1 with thousands of happy customers, trust the process and get any rank of your choice.


Playing with better players in higher ranks could simply provide more fun for you! Often rank decays and resets with a new split, and not everyone has time to grind it back, that's why where our Rank Boost in Apex comes in handy, we provide lightning-fast boosting carry and you enjoy yourself in higher rank games, not to mention the very nice end of season rewards such as badges and diving trails!


Best boosters in the market & Best prices - that's what defines our company. We provide carry for every region and up to Predator rank and also at every platform. With massive experience from the first season till the current ones, our experience is always providing spectacular results!




We have years of experience in the boosting market in a variety of games. Our goal was and always will be to provide the best possible service for a reasonable, fair price to our customers.
We already have thousands of happy customers across all platforms and regions, a flawless 5/5 TrustPilot Score, and +900 Testimonials on our website. Our company is legally registered with its physical location in central Europe. Trust what's real and legit when it comes to Apex Legends boosting - RUSHBOOST.


If you would like to be boosted above 15,000 LP please check our Apex Predator - Top 750 Boost instead!


What Happens after the purchase?

After the purchase you have to add us on discord: rushboost#3828 as friends, the manager responsible for your service will assign a booster for you as well as gather all the necessary information to do your service (your login details, platform you play at and legend of choice info)

What does ETA mean?

ETA = Estimated time of the service
It's a time within which we will deliver your order.

What happens after purchasing?

Once you have completed the payment, we will add you on Discord (don't forget to include it on the checkout - if you don't, you will be notified on your email) as soon as possible in order to proceed with the service. After getting in touch with you, we will start working on completing your service within a given ETA. You can freely play on your account whenever the booster isn't using it.

Are my account details safe with you?

Yes! Your account information will, of course, be handled discreetly.
Only you and the player assigned to the service will have access to account information. No other person has access to your order. From our side, you get maximum security in dealing with your account.

Do you use bots or scripts?

No! Every single service is done through legit gameplay!
We track all services in real-time and ensure that no third-party software or scripts are being used.

Who is playing on my account?

We are in constant contact with the currently most successful Apex Legends players in the world. Each member of our roster honors something special, for example, the formerly highest player in the world, tournament competitor or winner, etc. Our admission criteria are extremely high, so you get the best players for the job.

What if I don't have Discord / Skype or don't want to talk?

All of the communication will be kept in a chat form (text messages). There is no voice communication requirement. Discord and Skype are very easy to install and register in. It's faster to negotiate details in real-time through Discord / Skype rather than using an email.

Can I choose the boosting time?

Yes, we will definitely do our best to accommodate any request but keep in mind that our boosters have set up times for their activities too. For more information, contact our Discord support.

Can I log in to my account while you are boosting it?

You shouldn't. If you keep logging on to the account while the booster is on it, it will compromise its security of it and it might get banned due to it, we will can not be held responsible if this will take place.

What happens if somebody contacts you in the game while boosting my account?

Our boosters will never answer if they are contacted in the game and they will never reveal that they are boosting your account.

Do you allow refunds?

Yes, we do guarantee a refund in case we can't complete the service due to our fault of ours.

Can I select a specific legend to get my boost on?

Yes, for most of the services we offer such things, please contact discord or live chat support in order to get an update + ETA on your request.

Will my statistics increase and can I potentially get extra achievements at top of one I purchased?
Yes, we hire professional players from all around the world to work and boost for us in Apex Legends that's why you can expect the best statistics, high kill games and much more! Anything you get at top of what you paid for is completely free:)

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Plat 4 > Diamond 4 in 24h

very good boosting website, supportive discord folks - definitely will be back!

from platinum to 16k rp, insane job

they hire probably best professional players, they got me up to 16000 RP!

they boosted me up to masters from gold in 3 days

incredible job, im super happy with the outcome=)

Got diamond on my new map, everything went great!

professional players, always hands down best service!

Kathie S
0 issues - 5 stars

got my plat>diamond 3 boost completed quickly, also discord support is very helpful!