The Tower of Fantasy release date will happen "sometime in Q3 2022" which refers to the third quarter of the fiscal yeah which is between July 1 and September 30. Tower of Fantasy beta tests ended on June 26 hence why most likely we are looking into further release date than July 2022.

It's important to mention that Steam lists the Tower of Fantasy game release date as H2 2022 - meaning that it will happen in the second half of the year. On the other hand App Store lists it as August 11, 2022 yet since Tower of Fantasy game developer hasn't confirmed anything so far, there's no way of knowing exact date just yet.

Game is currently in development for iOS, Android and PC.


Tower of Fantasy pre-registration trailer presents the similar to cartoon-ish Genshin Impact graphics style. It features three of the main Tower of Fantasy characters in live action within foresty areas alongisde modern, technologically advanced places.

It's easily noticable that Tower of fantasy is a mobile-based RPG which uses gatcha system with sci-fi vibe. Open world exploration and real time combat appears to be an enjoyable and fast paced. 

Within the game you will control one customizable character with switchable weapon types with ability to enjoy as well PvP as PvE encounters. Additionally Tower of Fantasy will allow the use of vehicles and animal interaction.


Everyone who was waiting for it, it's time - you can enjoy a future land where humans became multiplanetary species and started colonizing planets one of which is Aida. Habibation involves mining resource - Omnium, from the comet, Mara and the title "Tower of Fantasy" will help mine the mentioned power, for a price which for now is unknown and yet to be discovered.


By default it's in player interest to get as many friends to pre-register into the game as it is possible as that's the main factor when it comes to the awards which all of the players will claim:

  • 500,000 players - 1 Astra Frame, 2 Black Nucleus, 10 Wholegrain bread, 2888 Gold
  • 1 Million players - 1 Limited Title, 3 Black Nucleus, 10 Fried Chicken, 4 Weapon Battery III
  • 1.5 Million players - 3 Gold Nucleus, 1 Avatar:Zeke, 10 Sizzling Meat, 3888 Gold
  • 2 Million players - 1 Jetpack Paint: Orion, 3 Gold Nucleus, 10 Crispy Grilled Fish, 4 Weapon Battery III
  • 2.5 Million players - 1 Outfit: Star Sand, 4 Gold Nucleus, 10 Nut Tea, 6888 Gold

You can pre-register on official website with email of your choice so you can get email notification for a successful pre-registration and bonuses will be awarded once the Tower of Fantasy game will be released.

That's all we have for you in this Tower of Fantasy Overview. If you don't have enough time to farm something or you simply need assistance with anything in the game feel free to poke us on Discord or LiveChat and make use of the 7% discount code which we prepared for our guide readers - RUSHGUIDE7

 As always - thank you for reading and see ya in Tower of Fantasy world folks!