General Questions

What is the difference between selfplay and pilot?

Do you use bots or scripts?

Are my account details safe with you?

Who is playing on my account?

What happens after purchasing?

What if i don't have Discord / Skype or don't want to talk?

Can i choose the boosting time?

What does ETA mean?

Do you allow refunds?

Can i login to my account while you are boosting it?

What happens if somebody contact you in game while boosting my account?

World of Warcraft

Will you need to unlock my account? (Arena)

Is RBG faster than Arena? (RBG)

I have no keystone or gear, is that a problem? (Mythic+)

Do all party memebers need a Mythic Keystone to enter the dungeon? (Mythic+)

How can I obtain a Mythic Keystone? (Mythic+)

By how much will the Mythic Keystone be upgraded at the end of the dungeon? (Mythic+)

What are the "dungeon modifiers"? (Mythic+)

Do you sell characters or accounts? (Accounts)

How does character transfer work? (Accounts)

How about secret question? Do i get the owner's ID? (Accounts)

What about game codes and gametime? (Accounts)

So you pay for everything? That's correct? (Accounts)

What will transfer along with the character? (Accounts)

I would like to sell account to you and buy another one, is that possible? (Accounts)

I have account which I want to sell, can i sell it to you? (Accounts)

What can I do with my coachers? (Coaching)

Do i need a working microphone? (Coaching)

Can this be done through Pilot? I Can't play. (Raid)

I purchased a run, what now? (Raid)

Do you use bots for leveling services? (Leveling)

Can you boost professions during level boost? (Leveling)

Can I play on my account after purchasing a Piloted boost?

What I am purchasing and how do you send it to my account? (Order a Character)

Can i customize my character request even more? (Order a Character)

Who will prepare my character? (Order a Character)

Apex Legends

What is RUSHBOOSTs boost?

What is Achievements and Badges boost?

What is "Coaching" and how does it work?

Who is working for us?

Why I should choose you over someone else?

Do I have to play or you do the job for me?

What if i will be banned?


What is "skill rating" and how does it work?

Will you spend my competetive points?

Why can't I acess Competetive Play?

I'm level 25 but i don't have a Skill Rating yet. Is that normal?

If I play 50 Competetive games in the first days of the season, won't that make me Top 500?

Do 10 Placement Matches count in the 50 competetive games you have to play to make Top 500?

What happens if a loot box gives me an item I already own?

Why won't you let me play only on my favorite hero? (Duo Queue)

What if we lose a match? (Duo Queue)